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Photo Archiving Services

It's like Insurance for your Photographs!

Pictures ruined by water
Preserve your photographic prints and digital photographs on an electronic photo album CD, which can be viewed on your PC computer
These electronic photo albums provide peace of mind
in the following ways....

  • Replace precious photographs lost or destroyed in a fire, flood, earthquake, theft, etc.
  • Reprint photographs that may suffer damage from light, heat, moisture, water, vermin, broken frames, deteriorating photo albums, etc.
  • Archive digital photographs, taken with your new digital camera, before they become lost in a hard-drive crash or other failure of your electromagnetic media.
  • Create duplicate "CD Albums" to place in scattered locations (safe deposit box, office, family, friends, etc.) for added security. If you are unsure how to duplicate the CDs, we can provide a duplication service for you.
  • Make your own enlargements from standard sized photographs.
Don't lose your precious pictures because of damage by water, fire or ?

Call us today and schedule an archiving session....
....before it's too late!        760-741-6511

We also provide Photo Restoration Services.

Bring those very old photos back to life with our digital process.

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